Changes to Printing

In early October, OIT made two important changes that affect how printers can be installed on computers.  Prior to this change, OIT had to perform the installation of on-campus printers, while a special administrator or “auser” account was necessary to install a personal printer at home.

The first change is that installing a personal printer no longer requires any special permission, either at home or work.  Second, some networked printers can be installed by anyone from the new “OIT Printers” shortcut that has been added to the start menu of Windows computers.  The purpose of these changes are to ensure that users have access to the printers they need, including the new Konica Minolta copiers, which cost less per print than the smaller printers scattered around Tufts.

Instructions on installing printers can be found by viewing the How to Install a Printer  post.  For now, Mac users will still need to contact OIT for printer installations.

If any departments have concerns over universal access to some of their printers, please contact OIT at or (617) 636-0331 and we’ll be happy to work with you.

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