Adding On-Campus Printers to a PC

Follow these steps to install any of the available printers on a Windows machine:

  1. Open the Windows Menu by clicking in the Windows icon found at the bottom left-hand corner of the desktop
  2. Click on “All Programs”
  3. Select “OIT Printers”
  4.  Double-click on the printer name that you wish to install.  You can also right-click on the printer and select “open”.
  5.  There will be a delay of 15-45 seconds while your computer connects and automatically installs the printer you have selected.  During this time, it may appear as if nothing is happening until a new window opens for the Windows Printer Installation.
  6.  Once the installation is complete, the printer will now be available for use.

For directions on how to install a printer on a Mac, go here.

If you do not see the name of the printer that you would like to install or need further assistance, please contact OIT at or (617) 636-0331

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