Backup Policies for Research Data Storage (R: drive)

Research Data Storage (R: drive) is backed up according to the following schedule:

  • Once a month a full backup is taken and kept for a year.  Full backups will pick up all files and filesystems at a “point in time” on a storage regardless of any other changes.
  • A differential backup is taken once during the weekend, and it is kept for a month.  Differential backups will pick up changes since the last full backup.
  • All other days, incremental backups are taken every 4 hours and kept for 14 days.  Incremental backups will only pick up files that have changed between two points in time.

Users can recover deleted files from the incremental backups (up to 14 days) by following the procedures for Windows or Mac

For file restores beyond 14 days, please  Submit a Request to OIT or call (617) 636-0331.

For more information on Tufts University backup policies, please see Data Backup & Restore Operational Practices.

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