Installing or Updating Powerfaids

Previously, anyone who needed to have Powerfaids updated to the latest version had to call OIT and have someone install it on their computer.  With the new process outlined below, people can update Powerfaids themselves and it only takes a few minutes.

If for whatever reason you have trouble with the below instructions, run into issues or would like additional help, please contact OIT and we would be happy to assist.

Instructions for Updating Powerfaids
1. Close Powerfaids if you currently have it open. You cannot update the program while it is running. If you are updating on the same day that Powerfaids is being upgraded, you need to wait until you receive an email explaining that Powerfaids has been updated.
2. Open the start menu and click Portal Manager from within the Landesk Management folder.
3. Along the left-hand side of Portal Manager, click the Launchpad button
4. Click the Refresh button in the upper right hand corner to make sure your list of available applications is up to date.
5. Check the box next to Powerfaids Upgrade and click Launch in the upper left hand corner.
6. It should take approximately 2-10 minutes for Powerfaids to download and install.  Once the status said completed, your Powerfaids has been updated!
7. You will need to install 1 more package to ensure you can log in to the Tufts Powerfaids databases. Check the box next to the Powerfaids Connection Files within Desktop Manager and then click Launch.  Once the status is listed as completed, you can log into Powerfaids.

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