How to log into an encrypted computer for the first time

If you have not logged into an encrypted computer before, and you have received an encryption account from OIT, the following procedures must be followed:

  1. Another user with an encryption account must log onto the computer first
  2. The user must then sync the computer with the Encryption server.  This is done as follows:
    • In the task bar at the bottom right of the Windows desktop, find the icon for McAfee Endpoint Encryption Tray Manager  (hovering over the icon will identify it).
    • Right-click on the icon and choose “Show status”
    • Click on the “Synchronize” button – this will update the computer with any changes (which will include your newly created account, for example).
    • Allow the Synchronization process to finish – It will be done when you see the last message “Applying cryption changes”.
    • Close this window and Restart the computer.
  3. Log onto the computer with your username & the encryption password, and click OK
  4. You will be prompted to change your encryption password
  5. Change this password to the same password as your Tufts LAN or Email account* If you have a received a new Email or LAN account from OIT, please change this FIRST by going to TuftsTools
  6. The passwords will then match and – after the first log on – subsequent logons to the Encrypted computer will automatically log you in to your Tufts account.

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