Accessing MATLAB’s Cluster GUI from a Mac

Looking for the Windows instructions?  Go to Accessing MATLAB’s cluster GUI from a Windows Computer instead.


Before you start, you will need:

  1. A cluster account. If you don’t have one, request one here.
  2. XQuartz. If you don’t have XQuartz, you can download it here.


Start a terminal window by going to Finder-> Applications-> Utilities-> Terminal

To connect to the cluster, type the following command in the terminal window:

ssh -Y  (Replacing Your_UTLN with your actual UTLN)

<press Enter>


You will be prompted for your password. Enter your Tufts password (the password will not display when you type it)

<press Enter>

In order to start Matlab using the graphical use interface, you will need to type the following commands (one after the other):

module load matlab

<press Enter>

bsub -Ip -q int_public6 matlab

<press Enter>

Your should see the MATLAB loading image appear on your screen.

Once MATLAB is done loading, your screen should look like this:

You now have access to the GUI for MATLAB

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