ANSYS is engineering simulation software used to model and manipulate values to analyze and, potentially, predict real world behaviors. The range of values can include any of the following: structural, thermal, fluid dynamics, explicit dynamics, electromagnetics and multiphysics. Users can simulate structural mechanics, explicit dynamics, fluid dynamics and thermal capability, as well as high-frequency, signal integrity, RF, microwave and electromagnetic engineering capability.

There are two ways to run ANSYS network-licensed software:

  • The software may be executed on a university desktop/laptop.
  • The software may be executed on the Tufts High Performance Research Cluster using a cluster account.
    • Need a cluster account?  Click here for more information.

For details on eligibility and licensing requirements, please see ANSYS (Network License).

To request installation, please contact OIT at (617) 636-0331 or submit a request through TechConnect.

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