Installing Adobe Creative Cloud Software

Previously, anyone who needed to have Adobe Software installed had to contact OIT and have someone install it on their computer. With the new process outlined below, people can install Adobe software on their own, when they need it.  Depending on the product chosen – please see  – the installation time will vary.

Please note that in order to install most of the  Adobe Creative Cloud Products, your computer must be running Windows 7, Windows 8, OS X 10.7 or OS X 10.8.

If for whatever reason you have trouble with the below instructions, run into issues or would like additional help, please contact OIT and we would be happy to assist.

Instructions for Installing Adobe Software

1. Close any version of Adobe software if you currently have it open. You cannot install the program while it is running.
2. To access the Portal Manager:

For PC: Go to Start Menu > All Programs > LanDesk Management > Portal Manager
For Mac: On the Task Bar (on top of the screen) click on >>> icon and then select Software Portal

3. A window will open up; click on the “Refresh” icon to the top right of the window.
4. The list of available Adobe Software will appear.  Check the box next to the software you would like to install and click “Launch” in the top left.
5. A Download Window should appear in the Tufts Portal Manager that will show the status of the download progress.  You (if you wish) can observe the installation progress.

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