Backup & Recovery

Mozy Pro setup

Mozy Pro installations are handled by the OIT technicians. To request an installation, please email or call 617 636 0331 Once the installation is completed, you will need to activate the software and setup backup folders. For Windows Go to Start->Program Files->MozyPro and click  MozyPro settings Once MozyPro opens, click on “Use Product Key” […]

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Backup Policies for Research Data Storage (R: drive)

Research Data Storage (R: drive) is backed up according to the following schedule: Once a month a full backup is taken and kept for a year.  Full backups will pick up all files and filesystems at a “point in time” on a storage regardless of any other changes. A differential backup is taken once during […]

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How can I back up my computer?

We recommend not storing any data locally on your computer, but instead storing the data on a networked drive such as P, Q, or R.  If you do not have access to a drive of this type, please contact OIT.  If you do have data that must stay on your local computer, there are a […]

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