Personal and Departmental Storage (P&Q)

Backup Policies for Research Data Storage (R: drive)

Research Data Storage (R: drive) is backed up according to the following schedule: Once a month a full backup is taken and kept for a year.  Full backups will pick up all files and filesystems at a “point in time” on a storage regardless of any other changes. A differential backup is taken once during […]

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Resource Request Form

Please complete the Resource Request Form and return it to OIT via fax at (617) 636-2970 or email to  

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Authorized Requesters for Departmental Resources

For changes or corrections to this list, please contact OIT at Department Name of Resource Authorized Requester(s) Anatomy tusm_lab_marchant$ Jeffrey Marchant Anatomy tusm_lab_hatini_confocal01$ Victor Hatini Educational Affairs, Office of tusm_oea$\Deanshare Donna Merrick, Scott Epstein Faculty Affairs, Office of tusm_bylawshandbook$ Kathleen Lowney Infectious Disease Society of America tusm_idsa$ Carlos Terra Microbiology tusm_lab_leong$ John Leong Microbiology […]

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Requesting a Secure Folder on a Shared Drive

In order to restrict access to files on a shared drive, such as the departmental Q: Drive, a folder can be created and secured to ensure that only authorized individuals are able to access the information. To start, please complete the Request for Secure Folder Creation form in its entirety and return it to OIT […]

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How to map network drive?

Different computers (Mac, PCs) may have difficulties connecting to network share when the full path is not provided.  This is a common occurrence when computers are outside of Tufts network and are not joined to the Tufts domain.  Providing only the short version of the path, e.g \\rstore1\PATH_TO_SHARE$ , may not be sufficient to map […]

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What is the path to the Friedman School Network Share?

I am using the vpn from home and I need to access the Friedman School of Nutrition Network share. The network path to the share is \\titan\tusm_nutri$ For more information regarding using the vpn to map network drives, please see our page on “Network shares“  

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How can I back up my computer?

We recommend not storing any data locally on your computer, but instead storing the data on a networked drive such as P, Q, or R.  If you do not have access to a drive of this type, please contact OIT.  If you do have data that must stay on your local computer, there are a […]

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