Wireless Internet Access

Tufts Secure Wireless

Tufts Secure Wireless (tufts-secure) will provide secure and encrypted wireless network connectivity using Tufts Simplified-Sign-on authentication. Tufts Secure Wireless is easily identified by its wireless network name, tufts-secure, and may be selected from the available network pull-down menu on your computing device.  This service does not require advance device registration, but users connecting to tufts-secure […]

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Registering an iOS device on the Tufts Network

Registering an iOS device on the Tufts network Once you have your iOS device started and completed the initialization process, you can continue with the network registration.  This step is required in order to connect your iOS device to the Tufts wireless network, tuftswireless. 1. Turn on Wi-Fi on your iOS device. 2. Connect to […]

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Tufts Guest Wireless Now Available

Tufts University has expanded the existing wireless network to guests. The guest wireless service will allow visitors and guest to gain access to Tufts wireless service without advanced registration and/or delay for activation. The Tufts-Guest wireless network is provided for visitors and short-term guests and has limited access to the Internet and internal Tufts resources. […]

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New Host Registration Interface Coming Soon

New Interface to go live on February 18th, 2012 What is “Host Registration” you ask? Once a year, all devices (computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones) need to be registered on the Tufts network before they can access the internet.  When you first connect to the Tufts network (either with a network cable or wirelessly) and open […]

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