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Am I eligible to purchase software for personal use at a discount?

Tufts University has a contract with Kivuto to distribute software covered under Employee purchase programs via their web store at Eligibility: Full-Time Faculty, Staff and Students Software is available from many vendors, including: Microsoft, Adobe, Parallels, National Instruments, Minitab, IBM, JMP, Systat, iGrafx, SigmaFlow, Quark, Trend Micro, Thomson Reuters, Inspiration, Columbia University, Student Backup, StatSoft, and […]

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Does the University provide antivirus protection for my computer?

The University owns licenses for antivirus products that can be used on University owned Mac and Windows computers. For University owned Windows computers, the University uses Trend-Micro Antivirus. For University owned Macintosh computers, the University uses Symantec Endpoint Protection. For personally owned computers the University has licensed Command  Antivirus. Alternatively, for personally owned computers, there […]


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I keep getting pop-up windows saying that I might be infected. What should I do?

It is important to note the difference between a legitimate pop-up window from Trend-Micro Antivirus and a fake one that a website pops-up.  A good rule of thumb is to be leery of anything that warns you with too much emphasis. A Trend-Micro antivirus pop-up will tell you that it has detected a virus in […]

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