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How to Add an Email Address to a Konica Minolta Copier

Find your model and follow the steps below to add e-mail addresses to your Konica Minolta copier. Bizhub 200, 250 or 350 Press the following: UTILITY/COUNTER (hard-key to the right of LCD) USER SETTING E-MAIL INPUT ONE-TOUCH Select desired “One-Touch” button to program Enter user’s name then press NEXT Press PC, EMAIL then NEXT Enter […]

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Changes to Printing

In early October, OIT made two important changes that affect how printers can be installed on computers.  Prior to this change, OIT had to perform the installation of on-campus printers, while a special administrator or “auser” account was necessary to install a personal printer at home. The first change is that installing a personal printer […]

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Adding On-Campus Printers to a PC

Follow these steps to install any of the available printers on a Windows machine: Open the Windows Menu by clicking in the Windows icon found at the bottom left-hand corner of the desktop Click on “All Programs” Select “OIT Printers”  Double-click on the printer name that you wish to install.  You can also right-click on […]

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Will OIT move my computers for me?

To move computers on campus, please contact Tufts Facilities.  It is good practice to let OIT know when the move is happening and what computers or printers are moving so that any re-configuration that needs to happen will be handled in a timely manner. Once the move has happened and the computers are in their […]

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Networked Copiers

Tufts University has a few different copier models currently active. All of the models allow users to print from computers, scan from the copier to a networked share, and some have the potential to FAX from the copier. The older Toshiba copiers are starting to be retired, but some are still available including the 350 […]

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