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Identity Finder FAQ

What is Identity Finder? Identity Finder is a software suite that can help locate sensitive information such as credit card or social security numbers that is stored on computer hard drives or on networked storage. Why do I need to use Identity Finder to scan my computer? On March 1, 2010 Massachusetts regulations went into […]

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How do I get an ID card?

ID Cards are provided by the Tufts Department of Public Safety. On the Boston campus, the Public Safety office is located in the lobby of the M+V wing within the Biomedical Research and Public Health Building. ID’s are generally available as of the start date for employees being paid directly by the University. For affiliates […]

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Identity Finder

Identity Finder is a software application licensed by Tufts for on campus and off-campus use. ┬áThe software allows users to search computers for sensitive information that should be either protected or destroyed to prevent misuse. If you wish to use Identity Finder on your computer at work, or to obtain a copy for home use, […]

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