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Can I use a Tufts license of Microsoft software at home?

Yes.  Microsoft offers Work at Home (WAH) solutions. All of the products covered under the Campus Agreement may be used on one home machine or laptop, but may only be used for work-related activities.  Upon separating from the university, faculty and staff who have installed Campus Agreement software on a personally-owned computer are obligated to […]

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How do I purchase Microsoft software for personal use at home?

Tufts University, as part of their campus wide agreements with Microsoft®, has instituted an employee purchase program for certain Microsoft® products.  This agreement allows each university employee to purchase one copy of each Microsoft® product covered under the agreement.  Prices are at a significant discount. Eligibility Any individual whose primary affiliation at Tufts is “Faculty” […]

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Microsoft Office

Tufts University has a site license for Microsoft Office Professional (Mac and PC), which includes Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Powerpoint, Microsoft Outlook, and Microsoft Access.  Any University owned computer is eligible for a license. Work at Home licenses are also available for people who have a computer on campus with the software installed. The […]

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