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I can’t find my Peoplesoft link on my Start Menu

The Start Menu in Windows should contain a sub-menu named “Tufts Services”, which will include a link to Peoplesoft Financials. Every so often the menu fails to load. Most often restarting the computer will resolve the issue, but if you wish to get to the Peopleosft Financials website directly, you may use the following link […]

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Tufts VMWare Purchasing Agreement

At the end of February 2012, Tufts entered into a 3-year purchasing agreement with VMWare.  This agreement makes it possible for the University to acquire VMWare software at significant savings. For purchases of VMWare software products covered under the agreement, there will be a 51% discount off the commercial list price. Annual support costs will, […]

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Tufts E-Requisition

TUFTS ON-LINE REQUISITIONING SYSTEM (E-REQ) is the Tufts electronic requisitioning system that offers online approvals and electronic routing.  You can create requisitions, allocate charges to your DeptIDs or grants in accordance with your specific authorized profiles, and forward these requisitions to online approvers in accordance with local and University policies.  Supporting documentation in electronic format […]

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Tufts Marketplace

TUFTS MARKETPLACE is a business-to-business, e-procurement system to make your sourcing, ordering and invoice payment easier! Tufts Marketplace is a one-stop, one login shopping process. You can place orders and “check out” with the ability to allocate charges to your DeptID or grants, in accordance with your specific, authorized profiles. Information Technology vendors available on […]

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