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How can I check my e-mail quota?

If you are receiving notices that your mailbox may be almost full, there is a chance that they may be fraudulent. It is best to check with OIT to determine if the notices are legitimate.   One item to remember is that you will not receive a legitimate quota message from Tufts with a link […]

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Your Mailbox is almost Full!

I received a message regarding my mailbox being almost full. How do I know if it is real or not? Tufts does send out notices when your mailbox nears capacity, but you may also receive fake messages regarding your mailbox as well. What is important to note is that Tufts will never send you a […]

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What is the size limit for an e-mail attachment?

The Tufts Exchange system has a 50 megabyte attachment limit.  To transfer files larger than 50 megabytes, please consider using an alternate method such as a network share for on-campus collaborators, or a file sharing services such as or for off-campus collaborators as long as the information doesn’t include sensitive information.

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