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Blackberry (BES) Retirement

Due to the diminished number of Blackberry devices on campus, the Blackberry Enterprise Service will be retired. As part of this process, UIT will stop adding users to the service after June 30th, 2012. As of June 30, 2013 the service will be completely retired. To prepare for this, we recommend that you switch to […]

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Using a Blackberry at Tufts

Blackberries at Tufts are reducing in numbers due to the popularity of other smartphones such as the Apple iPhone and the Google Android phones.  Because of this, Tufts is no longer offering the Blackberry Enterprise Server, which allowed users to access their Tufts Calendar and Contacts through their Blackberry.  Access to Tufts E-mail will continue […]

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What smartphones do OIT employees have?

We often get asked about the smartphones that we use ourselves. Below is a list of phones currently in use within OIT. Apple iPhone 4 Samsung Galaxy SII Samsung Galaxy Nexus Motorola Droid  

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How can I view my Tufts E-mail, Calendar, and Contacts on my iPhone?

The procedure for connecting your Apple iPhone or iPad to the Tufts Exchange Mail and Calendaring server is relatively simple and error proof.  To walk through the configuration, please visit the following page:

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Which smartphone should I get?

If you are a fan of a phone that works reliably and is simple to use, you should consider the Apple iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S.  The iPhone 4S is the latest version of the iPhone and includes speed improvements as well as voice control via a feature called Siri.  Apple iPhones are currently available […]

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