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IBM SPSS Amos is a statistical software program that allows the user to create a non-graphical method to specify models. While this program is part of the SPSS family of products, it is not included under the volume licensing agreement with IBM for SPSS.  Any individual who wishes to purchase AMOS must do so directly […]

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Am I eligible to purchase software for personal use at a discount?

Tufts University has a contract with Kivuto to distribute software covered under Employee purchase programs via their web store at Eligibility: Full-Time Faculty, Staff and Students Software is available from many vendors, including: Microsoft, Adobe, Parallels, National Instruments, Minitab, IBM, JMP, Systat, iGrafx, SigmaFlow, Quark, Trend Micro, Thomson Reuters, Inspiration, Columbia University, Student Backup, StatSoft, and […]

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R Project

R is a free open source software environment for statistical computing and graphics.  To read more information, please visit the R-Project website. R and a number of packages available for R have been installed and are available on the Tufts Research Cluster. To see what packages are available, please visit the Research Computing Cluster Installed […]

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IBM SPSS Statistics

SPSS is an industry-standard statistical processing package that is  used at Tufts University. The package offers extensive statistical graphics and data mining capabilities.  Alternatives to SPSS include SAS, STATA, and R. Tufts has entered into a site licensing agreement with SPSS that covers the three most widely used modules of the SPSS software family. Base – […]

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