SONIC BOOM! a raucous success

Dearest WE-ers,

WE killed it at the first concert of the year, appropriately titled SONIC BOOM!. WE played excellently, and WE will continue to improve for WE’s Kiddie Concert on December 1st. WE shall enjoy reliving the experience with the below selections:

Piano Concerto by Edvard Grieg, (Featuring Belle Haggert on Piano)

Mannin Veen

The Hut of Baba Yaga/The Great Gate of Kiev from “Pictures at an Exhibition” (Featuring The Tufts Electronic Music Ensemble)

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Official Roster (Fall Semester 2012)

(all sections listed in alphabetical order)


Bridget Boyle

Elaine Chestler

Brianna Dayer

Sarah Mansfield

Alyssa San Pedro

Rachel Snook



Danna Solomon



Stephanie Alimena

Benjamin Barnes (*concertmaster*)

Amanda Rock

Allison Wainer


Bass Clarinet

Jennifer Straitz

Alanna Tuller



Rebecca Heisler



Julia Stein


Alto Saxophone

Allison Rugg

Christian Widmer


Tenor Saxophone

Katrina Dzyak


Baritone Saxophone

Jim Mao


French Horn

Laura Ann

Elaine Chestler

Sonia Chokshi

Eloise Harnett

Caroline Peeples



Elissa Bowling

Jonathan Duval

Joseph Philipson



Carly Knitzer

Gabriel Rothamn



Sundi Powers-Adler


String Bass

Cooper Loughlin



Jesse Altman

Jessica Mow

Drew Page


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Get ready for our first set of concerts this semester!

Parents Weekend Showcase – October 20th @ 5:25 PM in Distler Hall

TUWE Presents: SONIC BOOM! – October 27th @ 8 PM in Distler Hall

All shows are FREEEEEE!!!!!! Come support your child, friend, compatriot, most hated enemy, or just John McCann, the fine-as-wine director of our glorious ensemble.

Be there or be severely obtuse.

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Audio Samples

Here are some samples of the Tufts Wind Ensemble performing selections from our concerts in the past couple of years


“Dry Bones” by James Weldon Johnson

Dry Bones by James Weldon Johnson (performed on 10-31-2010)

“March to the Scaffold” from Symphony Fantastique by Hector Berlioz

March to the Scaffold from Symphony Fantastique by Hector Berlioz (performed on 10-31-2010)

“Music for a Celebration” by Patrick J Burns

Music for a Celebration by Patrick J Burns (performed on 2-24-2011)

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Costa Rica Trip Winter Break 2012

The Wind Ensemble’s trip to Costa Rica over Winter Break this past year was amazing! Check out some pictures of this awesome experience!

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