Over the past couple weeks I have found a variety of churches that, ideally, I would like to speak to people at. Unfortunately, as expected, they are a bit difficult to get in contact with. The first day that I attempted to find willing churches, I visited the Japanese Christian Church and the Foursquare Church on Somerville Avenue. I talked to two woman at the Japanese church who seemed interested in the project; however, the pastor wasn’t around. I got the number for the pastor so I could call him later. Of course, when I called him, he didn’t pick up, but I did leave a message, so hopefully, that will come through. I also went into the Foursquare church, but unfortunately, they were having gospel practice, so I was a little too intimidated to wait around. I did also get a number for them, but had to leave a message. I got  a number for those two churches as well as for the New Vision Church on Medford Street and Grace Gospel Church on Washington Street. The only person I have been able to talk to is someone at Grace Gospel Church, so hopefully that will develop into an interview.

Thus far the work has been a bit discouraging, but now that I have the numbers for a variety of churches, I am hoping that I can make some progress. Last week’s evening with the LIPS students also encouraged me, because I think that they will be very helpful, especially in my project. I hope that we will get the list of LIPS contacts together soon so I will be able to contact some of them. I talked to a few of them last week that regularly go to church, so that might be a good source of connection. Additionally, I know that there will likely be a language barrier at the Foursquare and Grace Gospel churches, so the LIPS students could really help.