As we begin to settle into the final stage of our research before compiling our data into our full report, I’m drawn back to what I’ve seen in my interviews thus far. I set out to learn about the beauty parlor as a social space — a meeting place for members of the community — but I ultimately learned so much more

Having been acquainted with the literature of anthropological experts, I thought I already knew of the resilience the immigrant community demonstrates: the determination and passion they share. But, in speaking to local business-owners and immigrants themselves I was still surprised. These people amazed me. Whether it be their determination to master a new language or their commitment to maintaining the best business possible, these people are resilient even in the face of change and the uncertainty of the recession. They are excited about the arrival of the Greenline and looking forward to serving more people in the community.

I so look forward to voicing their stories in my final report and showcasing all that Somerville has to offer.