I can’t believe this is the week we present our findings! As I’ve spent the past two weeks reviewing my data in preparation for our presentation and our submission of the final report, I am so surprised by the new details I’ve been noticing as I listen to my interviews again and again. It’s so exciting. Just as earlier interviews shed light on potential questions which may be asked in subsequent interviews, so too do the subsequent interviews shed light on overlooked details in the earlier interviews. In the interest of not giving too much away before the final presentation, I won’t divulge very specific details, but I can say that I am currently investigating language — its role in the salon as well as the city of Somerville. As I’ve listened to my interviews again recently, I am brought back to the unique situations where language is negotiated in unexpected ways. For example, in some cases, salon owners feel compelled to learn several languages in order to accommodate their customers. This I found particularly fascinating.