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Critics: T should plan repairs, not expansion

By Edward Mason |   Boston Herald, Friday, August 27, 2010

Treasurer and independent gubernatorial candidate Tim Cahill blamed the MBTA’s focus on expansion for the system’s scores of crumbling bridges.

“If something is not done, there may very well be a catastrophe, and someone is going get hurt,” Cahill said.

The Herald reported yesterday 40 of the MBTA’s 478 bridges are deemed “structurally deficient” by agency inspectors, who found heavily corroded girders and crumbling concrete.

The T’s Green Line is expanding into Somerville. Michael Widmer of the Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation said, “There’s no way the MBTA should even be talking about expansion. They don’t have the resources to maintain the current system.”

T officials contend the bridges are safe and said the agency has more than quadrupled spending on repairs.

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Community Generated Green Line Extension Station Designs Submitted to MassDOT and Available for Public Review

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