Sushi rolled with care

Ebi Sushi Bar
290 Somerville Ave.
Somerville, MA, 02143
(in Union Square)
phone: (617) 764-5556

the delicious crunchy spicy tuna roll! Photo Credit: Rebecca Small

phone: (617) 764-5556

Mon – Sat:
lunch: 11:30-3:30
dinner: 5pm-10pm
open continuously from 11:30am-5pm

Takeout and delivery to Cambridge / Somerville Available ($3 delivery charge)

Transportation and Parking: after 6PM, parking is available at Mike’s Auto Shop across the street from Dunkin’ Donuts, on Somerville Ave. Multiple bus lines also provide easy access — take the 85, 86, 87, 91 or CT2 and you’ll be right in Union Square!

Link to map:

Union Square is an easy place to have a global culinary tour – in a two block radius, a passerby will see Brazillian grocery stores, Taquerias,  Thai tapas, and a Korean market bigger than many of our houses. Yet until May of this past year, there was a notable lack of sushi and Japenese food around the square, and those craving pristine slices of silky smooth sashimi or a bowl of steaming,  slurup-able udon noodles would be out of luck.

Thus, the arrival of Ebi Sushi  Bar earlier this year came as a relief to those Somerville residents hungry for the delights of Japanese cuisine without having to venture far for their tempura fix! Owner José Garcia, previously a chef at Bluefin Sushi in Porter square, has opened up a friendly and warm space where customers can sit and enjoy his delicious cuisine:

photo credit: Rebecca Small

When you sit down at one of the spotless tables, each guest is immediately offered a complimentary steaming hot green tea in a Japanese ceramic mug, a traditional part of dining in a Japanese restaurant, yours to enjoy as you mull over the extensive menu and make some difficult (but ultimately delicious) decisions. A specials menu posted on the wall offers items cheerily written in bright markers such as okonomiyaki (japanese savory pancake) grilled hamachi kama (halibut collar) and spicy grilled scallops.

Ebi Sushi offers an extensive sushi menu, with all manner of classic nigiri such as hamachi (yellow tail) and sake (salmon), and specialty rolls such as the volcano. (a big sushi roll artfully cut into triangles and arranged in a spicy mountain of deliciousness, with bits of crispy fried tempura batter and spicy mayo adorning the “mountain top” filled with spicy tuna balanced with the crisp freshness of cucumber on the inside:

a selection of sushi rolls at ebi sushi. The aforementioned volcano roll is in the upper right hand corner. Photo credit: Yelp

José, originally from Puertos Barrios, Guatamala, got his start in the restaurant business when he first came to the United States and became fascinated with Japanese food and sushi in particular, which he describes respectfully as “like art”. His care and attention to his craft is clearly visible in each item he prepares; from the wasabi molded into a tiny leaf shape to the immaculately folded sushi rolls, and a sushi bar counter so tidy and well-organized, the container store could take lessons. José and the servers are all courteous and helpful if you need guidance in navigating your meal options. José’s warm presence radiates throughout the atmosphere and your meal, and comes through in little touches such as a complimentary bowl of marinated squid and seaweed salad he sent over to our table as a mini -appetizer to wet out appetites – it was a delightful combo of briny, acidic and bright. I savored each little bite and was convinced I could have eaten a gallon-sized bowl – but was dissuaded from this decision when I saw the real menu and realized there were about 20 other dishes I wanted to try.

Ebi offers a complete menu of traditional hot and cold Japanese dishes as well, such as yaki soba (stir fried soba noodles with vegetables) and my personal cold weather favorite, donburi, which is an combination of egg cooked with marinated meat and scallions served over a steaming bowl of rice:

mmm. Slippers are great and all, but when the going gets snowy in a few weeks, my weapon of choice is a big old bowl of katsu don to ward of the chill! photo credit:

Jose is excited about the diversity that Ebi Sushi contributes to the Union Square area as a Japanese restaurant – though there are types of numerous other Asian cuisines represented around the area, such as Korean, Indian, and Chinese, Ebi is unique in providing a solid array of specifically Japanese dishes.  His customers agree – many of his regulars from Blue Fin have followed him over to Ebi and are now regular patrons. Jose says that many of them actually living in Somerville, but would venture into Porter Square to Blue Fin for their sushi fix. Now, with the arrival of Ebi Sushi, they can stay even more local and still enjoy the benefits of José’s fresh fish, such as this maguro sashimi:

photo credit: Rebecca Small

With the taste of the garlic eggplant appetizer fresh in my mind, I cannot wait to return to Ebi for further exploration of José’s culinary delights! Whether you are a sushi fanatic like me, or shiver at the thought of eating raw fish, Ebi sushi has something special and exciting to try.

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