Hola, ¡Paisano!

Los Paisanos Restaurant is just a few minutes walk from Sullivan Square and the Sullivan T stop. For those coming from the West Somerville area, it is also accessible from the 89 bus.

Los Paisanos Restaurant

62 Broadway, Somerville, MA

(617) 629-3502

Stepping over the threshold of Los Paisanos in East Somerville is like stepping into a part of El Salvador. The restaurant is modest, but the people inside bring a warmth and welcoming attitude.

Los Paisanos restaurant is a melting pot of Latin American cultures. Orlando Aldana, the owner of this new business and Salvadoran by birth, was inspired by the places he’s visited in Latin America and the food he has tasted, and has really delivered that international flavor to his customers (free delivery, might I add, to Somerville, Medford, Charlestown, and Cambridge). When I first opened the menu, I was overwhelmed by the different nationalities represented in his cuisine-Guatemalan, Honduran, Salvadoran, Mexican, and Peruvian, amongst others.

one of several pages of the Los Paisanos menu; they have over 60 dishes! Photo Credit https://www.facebook.com/pages/Los-Paisanos-Restaurant/115587408464620

Plato Los Amigos (Friend’s dish), Orlando’s favorite dish, represents what Orlando calls the “authentic latin flavor.” The best part about this mouth-watering dish is its blend of Columbian, Mexican, and other Central American style meats and sides. On just one plate you’ll find carne (beef), chicharrón (Columbian-style pork rinds), queso (cheese), aguacate (avocado), chorizo, yuca (cassava), ensalada (salad), arroz (rice), and frijoles (beans). As one of the popular dishes, Orlando says that is “so big that you can share it” and that frequently people come with their friends to enjoy the fun, friendly atmosphere, and dig into a “Los Amigos.”

If you come to Los Paisanos on Tuesdays after 4, you can get two featured specials for the price of one. Photo credit https://www.facebook.com/pages/Los-Paisanos-Restaurant/115587408464620

As if you needed any more reason to stop by this charming Salvadoran restaurant, now you can come by on Tuesdays and receive a discount! Los Paisanos is participating in a new program sponsored by East Somerville Main Streets called “Two for Tuesdays,” in which customers receive two specials for the price of one past 4pm. This week, the specials are pupusas, burritos, and tortas. Yum!

You can find out more about Two for Tuesdays and the other participating restaurants in the area, here.

Los Paisanos takes its name from a Latin American expression loosely translated to “friend” or “compatriot.” Orlando says that a heart-felt “hola, paisano” is exchanged whenever he sees a familiar customer, or even a fellow latino. Like its name, Los Paisanos evokes a sense of community and solidarity. Its a place where latinos can feel at home and adventurous Americans can experience an innovative compilation of Latin American flavors.

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