X Galhina, A Delicious Sandwich Brazilian Style

Pastelaria Victoria Broadway

192 Broadway Somerville, MA 02145

(617) 776-4303

Accepts credit cards, will deliver

La Pastelaria Victoria Broadway is in East Somerville, across McGrath Highway, but a little before the thick of the restaurants and stores that cluster further down Broadway. The store has a complete menu with sandwiches, salads, and deserts and already-made treats at the counter. There is also a small section where customers can buy a variety of convenience-store goods like packaged foods and cosmetic products.

The walls are painted a bright, but not overwhelming, green and a large menu hangs on the front wall. A double paned picture window lights the front of the store where a handful of tables are filled with energetic customers.

Jacilene Silva is the manager of the Pastelaria Victoria Broadway. She is initially from São Paulo, Brazil. She and a team of long-term employees have been offering the Somerville community fresh Brazilian dishes since the restaurant opened twenty years ago. Jacilene told me simply, “It’s good, you should come. The sandwiches are big!”

Yes they are!

The X Galhina

Jacilene recommended a variety of items on the menu to me but I was especially enticed by a chicken burger called X Galhina. A description in both Portuguese and English explains “bread, chicken breast, cheese, ham, egg, bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, mayonnaise and potato sticks” for $5.55 or a $7.35 special with fries. There are a variety of other meats, if you are interested, including steak and hamburger beef. The sandwiches are large and flavorful. The X Galhina had the complex and varied tastes of two types of meat, egg, a variety of vegetables, and the occasional sweet bite of corn.

You can also order a delicious smoothie(from guava, to papaya, to avocado) or a banana, cinnamon, and sugar pastel (a crispy pastry) for desert.

Come to La Pastelaria! And you will enjoy the friendly, bustling environment and a tasty selection of foods, Brazilian style.

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