Pescaotre Seafood, Great Italian for Less

Interior shot from their website

Pescatore is an Italian restaurant that was built in the place of an old fish market. At the main entrance on Boston Avenue, the brightly lit kitchen is filled with busy chefs at work, preparing meals and doing take out orders. The main dining room is located down the side street (which the owner, Ana, told me confuses some people, who open the kitchen door only to be directed down the block). At first glance, one can see that the windows are decorated with wooden shutters, and, in my case, pumpkins, which were also on display because of the fall season. When I entered the restaurant, I noticed a fairly large dining area to the right, and a small bar area to the left.

While I spoke to Ana, the owner of the restaurant, she told me a little about her approach to keeping the interior so clean; keep it simple and not overly decorated! The restaurant itself may not be adorned with numerous decorations, but at the same time it has a sophisticated atmosphere, with some paintings spread around the dark yellow walls. The restaurant is very spacious, while not being too noisy, keeping customers relaxed.

Picture from their website

The food at Pescatore is all about Italian. Ana and her staff specialize in classic dishes like chicken and veal marsala, and pasta dishes. They also do delivery, with an entire pizza and to-go menu.  However, Pescatore, which was built to replace an old fish market, specializes in grilled seafood ranging from scallops to shrimp scampi. With most dishes priced around and under 20 dollars, Pescatore offers good quality Italian food for less.

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