For Professor Stanton’s Anthropology of Global Cities course, we were tasked with taking a trip to an urban environment and then analyzing that trip through an anthropological lens.  For this project, I chose to travel by bus shuttle from Tufts to Harvard Square – on the way there using the Joey shuttle Tufts provides, and on the way back using the MBTA bus shuttle.

To follow my trip through the city, first start off at my Trip to Harvard page.  There I will explain the motivation behind the trip and set of the framework for providing my “thick description”.  Linked off this page are my descriptions of both trips – getting to Harvard and getting back.

After reading about my trips, hop on over to my section on theoretical analysis.  There, you will find an overview of what concepts came to light when I looked at my trips through an ethnographic lens.  You will find discussions on politics, liminality, and what one misses when traveling on a bus versus walking.

Finally, check out the Map!  This custom Google Map will help you visualize the route that I took to get to Harvard from Tufts.  You can trace the path between the major squares that each shuttle stops at during their trips.