Theoretical Concepts

After traveling to and from Harvard Square, I thought about what I got out of the experience.  There was the obvious – a new pair of jeans – but there was a lot to reflect on.  I jotted down the main concepts that seemed relevant at the time, and let the experience marinate in the back of my mind as I continued to read and attend lecture.  This is what I came up with.

First off, I thought of politics.  There was a lot of anger regarding the inconvenience of the MBTA repairs, and whenever there is public outrage surrounding public works projects, you know that politics must be playing a key role in mitigating the situation.

Next, I thought of liminality.  I thought of how the shuttle rides to and from Harvard were solely for the purpose of transport.  While I was on those buses, I was on a moving threshold, in between the place I was coming from and the place I wanted to be.

Finally, I thought about what I was missing from the experience.  This was a little bit more difficult, because I had to think about how I interacted with other settings as I moved through them in a different manner.  However, it did tie in nicely to the idea of liminality, because if I was traveling on the shuttle for the express purpose of getting from point A to point B, I had to be missing something.