Trip to Harvard

On Saturday, March 3rd, I decided to spend the morning in Harvard Square.  I was on the hunt for a new pair of Spring jeans, and figured the shops in Harvard Sq would be my best bet (I was eventually successful, as the Harvard Sq GAP has some fantastic selvedge denim).  However, as of late, the trip to Harvard has not been so easy.

For the last few months, the MBTA has closed the Red Line on the subway from Harvard to Alewife over the weekend for repairs.  This essentially cut Davis Square and Tufts out of the loop from the most effective form of transport for accessing the city.  Although the repairs were technically completed on the day I chose to travel, the subway did not open up again until the following week.  This presented some problems when it came to getting to and from Harvard.

Fortunately for Tufts students, the university launched a weekend shuttle taking students through Davis, Porter, Harvard, and looping back to campus.  This service begins at 10AM  on Saturday morning, and was the method I chose for getting into the square.

Additionally, the MBTA provided multiple free shuttles from Alewife, to Davis, through Porter, and ending in Harvard.  This prevented the aforementioned squares from being cut off from the greater Boston community, and also staved off the riot that would have caused.  As these shuttles were running every few minutes out of Harvard, this is the method of transport I chose to get back to Davis Square.

The following pages will chronicle my journey to and from Harvard Square.  They will provide “thick description” of what each trip was like, and allow for the comparison between the two.  Following these descriptions will be a theoretical analysis of my trip to and from Harvard Square.