Free MBTA Shuttle Back

After a successful morning of shopping, I started making my way back to Tufts.  My shopping excursion had gone much faster than I hoped.  The GAP, Urban Outfitters, and the Tannery were all within 25 yards of each other and in sight of the bus stop.  Since the Tannery was closing and had limited stock and “urban” skinny jeans aren’t for me, GAP was my best bet – I had guessed this from the beginning so I saved that store for the end.  Within about 45 minutes of arriving in the Square, I was ready to leave.

I caught the free MBTA shuttle back from Harvard station.  For anyone who’s never taken a bus back from there, it can be a bit confusing.  A ramp off of the main underground train gate will take you by two underground bus stops.  I made my way to the crowded stop, and within minutes was getting on a shuttle back to Davis Square.

The mood on this shuttle was a bit different.  Everyone seemed more alive.  Maybe that is because they were not part of the college drinking culture or they were just happy to get a free ride.  Either way, there were many more people and a more vibrant atmosphere.  My fellow travelers were actually having conversations this time, and not just the soft, sporadic chatting that the girls going out to breakfast had.  These riders had places to go and people to see – there was more energy and bustle to this crowd.

When we reached Porter, many people got off and several got on.  They all hurried away to do whatever they came there to do – it looked like several were heading in the direction of Shaw’s supermarket to get a jump on the week’s groceries.  Having only been stationary for 15 seconds or so, we were off – leapfrogging the parked bus in front of us, we were on to Davis.

Arriving in Davis I departed.  I crossed the square from the bus stop to wait for the regular Joey back to Tufts.  After about 10 minutes of retracing my route on my phone, the Joey came and I was off.  Only two other tired looking Tufts students were riding with me this time.  They weren’t together so we all rode back in silence, except for the muffled radio show the driver was listening to.  We all got off at the Campus Center and went our separate ways – each having returned to Tufts while it was still morning, having done what we needed to do in the city before lunchtime.