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Forms: Usability Checklist

by Melanie St. James on January 10th, 2012

Here’s a nice resource from A List Apart on Usability of Forms:

Sections in the article cover:

  • Use the right field for the task
  • Give them room to type
  • Shorten your forms and question “mandatory” fields
  • Mark mandatory fields clearly
  • Provide descriptive labels for all of your fields
  • Let the computer, not the user, handle information formatting
  • Use informative error messages
  • Don’t return users to an altered form

Also: care should be taken to design forms for a logical path when tabbing from field to field. I thought this practice was gone, until I requested an account on the Trek to Talloire site yesterday. The fields took me from “Home Address” to “Email Address” to “Town/City” to “Confirm Email Address”.

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