Accessibility, Usability, Design and DevelopmentThis site provides guidelines, tips and best practices to Tufts designers and developers, as well as 3rd party vendors and consultants who provides services to Tufts.


The Accessibility Standards Overview provide information to developers and designers to ensure websites and web-based technologies are accessible to people with disabilities. To this effect, a site’s navigation and content must be accessible to the most common assistive technologies and align with design and development best practices.


Part art, part science, usability is a set of techniques to ensure that websites and web-based technologies are easy and efficient to use, and meet user needs. Usability is part of a larger User Experience (UX) process. Make sure to include a UX specialist early in your project and consider a usability and accessibility evaluation during procurement.

Design Specs

Our growing library of design specifications include: web color palette, buttons (with recommendation to place the primary button to the left!), and a responsive login page layout.


As we strive to keep up with best practices, this section provides HTML5 code sample and explanations, and resources to make JavaScript and Flash accessible and alternatives to CAPTCHA.