Blood Biomarkers for Skin Diseases

Sponsor: Private foundation

IACUC Protocol # G2016-125

Status: Currently enrolling


This study has two components;

  1. To examine blood from dogs with skin diseases (including atopic dermatitis, pemphigus foliaceus and perianal fistulas) compared with blood from healthy dogs to identify factors (‘biomarkers’) that may play a role in the disease process.
  2. To develop a blood test for the skin disease (pemphigus foliaceus, or ‘PF’).

It is hoped this study will enable us to gain a deeper understanding of disease processes with the long term goal of finding alternate approaches to diagnose, monitor, prevent or treat these chronic skin diseases.

Inclusion Criteria:

Blood samples from dogs presenting to the Tufts dermatology service with skin diseases (atopic dermatitis, pemphigus foliaceus and perianal fistulas) and healthy control dogs are required for this study as we are investigating features of naturally occurring skin diseases in the general canine population and comparing this to blood from healthy dogs to identify factors that contribute to the diseased state

Exclusion Criteria:

Dogs weighing less than 5kg, dogs less than a year old or greater than 14 years old, pregnant dogs.

Dogs will be excluded from the healthy control group if they have evidence of skin disease on physical examination or from their history, or if they have evidence of systemic disease (other than age appropriate changes) on their history, physical examination or bloodwork.

Client Benefits:

There are no additional costs to you for taking the blood sample. The study will cover the cost of a complete blood count/serum biochemistry health screen panel run on your dog’s blood on the first sample only, and these results will be provided to you.

Costs for any diagnostics or treatment recommended by your veterinarian resulting from abnormal findings on the blood test or relating to their skin disease are not provided by this study.

Your animal’s participation in this study does not influence ongoing management or treatment of any medical condition by your veterinarian, and will not change any treatment or outcome for his/her skin disease.

Contact Information:

For questions regarding the clinical trial please email the clinical trials technician, Diane Welsh at: