Assessment of pre-operative coagulation status in hemodynamically stable dogs undergoing splenectomy for splenic mass

Many dogs presenting with a splenic mass are at risk of significant bleeding, which may necessitate emergency stabilisation and surgery. However a smaller population of dogs are also known to be at risk of developing post-operative thromboembolic complications. The aim of this study is to assess the pre-operative coagulations status in hemodynamically stable dogs with splenic mass that undergo splenectomy. Pre-operative blood tests will be performed to assess for any potential clues that these dogs may be at increased risk of thromboembolic disease.
Inclusion Criteria
Dogs that are hemodynamically stable (HR <140, lactate <3 mmol/L and PCV ≥35%) with splenic mass that are undergoing pre-operative ultrasound examination and undergoing splenectomy.
Exclusion Criteria
Dogs not fulfilling above criteria.
Client Benefits
Lactate level, platelet count and thromboelastography will be paid for by the study.
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