Diagnostic Value and Discriminatory Ability of Proton Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (MRS) for Intracranial Neoplasia in Dogs


To evaluate the utility of MRS in non-invasively differentiating brain tumor types in dogs. MRS is an additional imaging study that can be done in conjunction with the MRI. The study includes any additional fees incurred for anesthesia and imaging for the MRS imaging only. It does not include fees for the MRI or the anesthesia required for the MRI.

Inclusion Criteria

Dogs with MRI findings consistent with a brain tumor. The study will include 24 dogs.

Exclusion Criteria

Unstable patients who would be at increased risk with a longer anesthesia time are excluded from the study.

Client Benefits

Preliminary results have shown differences in gliomas and meningiomas as compared to normal dogs. MRS is also non-invasive, therefore there are no additional risks for the patient.

Contact Information

Dr. Katie Weiss, DVM
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