Eating Behavior Study


The Tufts Obesity Clinic for Animals is conducting a new study to evaluate the effect of diet on how full dogs feel. Different nutrient profiles of diets may help some dogs feel fuller than others and we are using online surveys and in-person appointments to gather information on how owners feel their dog is full on different diets.

Inclusion Criteria

To be eligible, dogs must be healthy and overweight (Body Condition Score 6/9 or greater). Owners must be able to come to Tufts in North Grafton for 4 visits and fill out a brief survey online daily.
Dogs should not be on medication (other than monthly preventatives) and should not have current medical problems.

Exclusion Criteria

Dogs with any significant medical conditions. Dogs eating any of the trial diets currently will also be excluded (this will be determined by diet history prior to the first appointment).

Client Benefits

If eligible, the dog will get 4 free appointments at Tufts with a board-certified veterinary nutritionist and will have a small blood sample and urine sample collected (to screen for any medical conditions including kidney or thyroid disease). Dogs enrolled in the study will be fed multiple diets throughout the study (including a transition period between diets), while owners rate how full their dogs feel in an online survey. In between diets, dogs will need to come in for their 4 recheck visits. At the completion of the study, owners will have the option to continue with a weight management plan with the Tufts Obesity Clinic for Animals and receive up to 4 free bags of a selected pet food.

In addition to getting the free tests (blood test, urine test) and free food and weight guidance with a board-certified veterinary nutritionist, this information will be beneficial in the future to increase our success in weight management plans.

Contact Information

Dr. Deborah Linder: 508-887-4696