High-Dose Cyclophosphamide for Canine Lymphoma


Although canine lymphoma is highly responsive to chemotherapy, the disease is rarely cured since the disease recurs in most dogs that receive chemotherapy. The goal of this study is to determine the highest dose of cyclophosphamide that can be given safely with cytokine support and whether this treatment will prolong remission duration beyond standard chemotherapy protocols.

Inclusion Criteria

Dogs with multicentric lymphoma in complete remission after multiagent CHOP-based induction chemotherapy.

Exclusion Criteria

Dogs with other significant medical conditions or who lower urinary tract disease are ineligible to participate in this study.

Client Benefits

Dog owners are financially responsible for costs associated with standard chemotherapy. Additionally the owner may be financially responsible for all tests that determine if the patient qualifies for the study. These tests may include re-check examination fees, blood and urine tests.

This study covers the cost associated with high-dose cyclophosphamide treatment, monitoring and supportive care.

Contact Information

Kelly Reed, Oncology Liaison
Phone: (508) 887-4682