Metronomic Chemotherapy in Dogs with Splenic Hemangiosarcoma


The goal of this study is to evaluate the efficacy of low dose of metronomic chemotherapy as a maintenance therapy in dogs with hemangiosarcoma.

Hemangiosarcoma is a common tumor developing in the spleen of dogs. Despite aggressive treatment with surgery and chemotherapy, most dogs die of metastatic disease shortly after treatment.

Metronomic or LDC entails very small doses of chemotherapy that are given daily or every other day and help to deter the growth of new blood vessels needed to nourish cancer as it grows. Side effects associated with metronomic chemotherapy tend to be milder and less frequent than those seen with standard chemotherapy.

This form of chemotherapy has been used in dogs with spenic hemangiosarcoma after surgery and has been found to have efficacy as a single agent.

Inclusion Criteria

Dogs with hemangiosarcoma that have completed a standard course of chemotherapy after removal of the affected spleen.

Exclusion Criteria

Dogs with a life expectancy of less than 1 month or who have lower urinary tract disease are ineligible to participate in this study.

Client Benefits

This study is not funded; so pet owners are responsible for all costs associated with this treatment.

Contact Information

Kelly Reed, Oncology Liaison
Phone: (508) 887-4682