Novel Chemotherapy for Canine Multicentric Lymphoma


This preclinical trial, sponsored by the National Cancer Institute, is designed to evaluate three new chemotherapy agents in the indenoisoquinoline class. These drugs inhibit topoisomerase I, which is an enzyme important in DNA replication, and have shown efficacy in a variety of cancers.
The intent of this study is to define and compare the pharmacologic effects of these three drugs in dogs with lymphoma. Specifically, the study will assess basic properties of the drug, such as duration of action, markers of damage to DNA in cancer cells, and safety. The goal is to determine the appropriate dose of each drug and to determine if there are differences in biologic activity among the drugs. The response to treatment, specifically whether lymphoma goes into remission in the treated dogs, will also be assessed.

Inclusion Criteria

  • Dogs of any age
  • Cytologically or histologically confirmed diagnosis of lymphoma involving multiple external lymph nodes
  • Dogs must be feeling well or only minimally compromised
  • Dogs either must not have received treatment for lymphoma for at least 2 weeks prior to enrollment in the study

Exclusion Criteria

  • Significant illness (such as kidney failure, liver disease, heart failure, severe anemia)
  • Dogs weighing less than 33 pounds
  • Dogs who have received prednisone for any reason in the two weeks prior to study enrollment

Client Benefits

This study is fully funded and will cover the cost of treatment, monitoring tests and management of treatment related side effects. Dogs that complete the 28-day study will be eligible to receive $1000 for further medical care at Tufts.

Contact Information

Kelly Reed, Oncology Liaison
Phone: (508) 887-4682