Prognostic value of degree of disc material dispersion in nonambulatory dogs with thoracolumbar IVDD

The objective of this study is to evaluate whether quantitative MRI assessments after acute thoracolumbar disc extrusion are predictive of long term outcome through measurement of longitudinal dispersion of extruded disc material.
Inclusion Criteria
Only chondrodystrophic, nonambulatory paraparetic or paraplegic dogs with or without pain perception (<48 hours), an extradural spinal cord compression at T3 – L3 diagnosed by MRI, a disc extrusion confirmed at the time of the surgery and a detailed follow-up will be included.
Exclusion Criteria
Dogs with concurrent disorders incompatible with long-term survival will be excluded.
Client Benefits
Two week, 1 month and, if needed, 2 month and 3 month post operative recheck appointments will be paid for by the study.
Contact Information
Dr. Tracy Sutton Phone: (508) 887-4696