The use of Bosentan in arterial thromboembolism

“Saddle thrombus” is a devastating condition of cats where the back legs become suddenly paralyzed. This is almost always due to underlying heart disease, although it is not always known that the cat has heart disease. Current treatment revolves around supportive care and time but up to 75% of affected cats do not respond to therapy.  This study is looking to test a drug given currently in people to see if might help cats by blocking blood vessel constriction. The medicine, Bosentan, would be given in addition to the regular supportive care.

Inclusion Criteria
Sudden onset of hind limb paralysis, thought to be due to a blood clot.

Exclusion Criteria
Too weak to take an oral medicine; Paralysis for longer than 18 hours

Client Benefits
Free medicine, free blood tests, free echocardiogram (heart ultrasound)-Study covers about $700 of care per cat.  The owner is responsible for cost of hospitalization, and initial examination.

Contact Information
ER 508 887-4623 24 hours a day, or with less urgent questions.