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    The goal of this study is to develop a simple screening method, useful in practice, for the widespread detection of early cardiomyopathy in cats. Cardiac disease is particularly frustrating in cats, as cats may have normal heart sounds, but severe heart disease, or very abnormal heart sounds and no clinically significant disease. Echocardiography (ECHO) by a cardiologist is the gold standard for determination of heart disease in cats; however, ECHO is not widely available and may be cost –prohibitive. Biomarkers, specifically NT pro-BNP and troponin have been introduced and validated for documentation of heart disease in cats, but have not been widely evaluated in apparently healthy pet cats. Our goal is to teach a screening echo - Frontline Cardiac UltraSound –FOCUS to participants, and compare the predictive value of practitioner performed FOCUS exam, physical examination, EKG analysis and biomarker assessment for determining the presence or absence of heart disease with the gold standard of ECHO by a cardiologist.

    Inclusion Criteria:

     Animals to be included:

    a. Species: Feline

    b. Sex: Any

    c. Age Range any greater > 1 year

    d. Weight Range Any; expected to be greater than 4 kg.


    Client Benefits:

    The study will cover all of the costs of this study, physical exam, EKG, echocardiogram, biomarker blood test.  Your pet’s participation will also allow us to gain information that will help in the early identification of heart disease in cats. If we diagnose heart disease in your cat, we may be able to institute treatment earlier than we would otherwise have been able to do. You understand that your animal’s participation in this study may not alleviate or cure his/her ailment.


    Contact information:

    For questions regarding the clinical trial please email the clinical trials technician, Diane Welsh at:


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    CSRC Protocol #: 029-14

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    Cardiomyopathy is a common affliction of the Boxer breed that is manifested by serious ventricular arrhythmias, dilation and reduced vigor of contraction of the heart, or both. The arrhythmic form of the disease bears a striking resemblance to arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy (ARVC) in people, an important cause of sudden cardiac death in young human athletes that is characterized by replacement of the normal heart muscle by fat, scar tissue, and inflammation.

    Current treatment strategies focus on controlling symptomatic arrhythmias, however no medical treatment has been shown to prevent sudden cardiac death. Current therapies also fail to address the underlying structural changes in the heart muscle that inexorably progress, resulting in worsening arrhythmia, cardiac dilation and, in some patients congestive heart failure.

    Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) exert anti-inflammatory and anti-fibrotic effects that may prove useful in attenuating the inflammation and remodeling of the heart muscle that characterizes the disease, in turn improving arrhythmia frequency and potentially quality of life or survival times of dogs with ARVC. The major goal of this study is to evaluate preliminary safety of intravenous administration of MSCs in Boxers with ARVC, and to assess their effect on arrhythmia frequency, improving cardiac structural abnormalities, or prolonging survival in affected animals by reducing inflammation or deposition of scar tissue in the heart.

    Inclusion/Exclusion Criteria: 

    A total of 12 client-owned Boxers of any sex or age with cardiomyopathy will be enrolled in this study. Dogs with advanced congestive heart failure, clinically significant congenital heart disease, kidney or liver disease, cancer, active infection, or autoimmune disease will be excluded from the study.

    Client Benefits:

    The study will cover the costs for your dog’s bloodwork, echocardiogram, blood pressure measurement, ECG and Holter monitoring, 4 hours of observation and continuous ECG monitoring following the injection, and recheck visits during the 6 month study period. The study will also cover up to $500 of any costs incurred due to complications from the study; it will not cover any other medication or hospitalization costs. Your pet’s participation will allow us to gain information which will help in the treatment of Boxers and potentially people with this condition. You understand that your animal’s participation in this study may not alleviate or cure his/her ailment

    Contact Information:

    For questions regarding the clinical trial please email the clinical trials technician, Diane Welsh at:

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    IACUC protocol#: G2015-58                                                                                                                                 Status:  Currently enrolling


    The goal of this study is to compare plasma biomarkers in the form of extracellular RNA in dogs with mitral valve disease presenting with versus without congestive heart failure.

    This study will be an important step towards making exosome analysis a useful and readily available tool for evaluating the progression, the molecular basis for remodeling, and development of specific therapies for mitral valve disease.

    Inclusion/exclusion criteria:

    All dogs should be over eight years of age in order to control for age related differences.

    Healthy: for controls the dogs will be defined as a healthy animal with a normal physical exam, normal CBC/chemistry panel/UA and no evidence of a heart murmur as documented by a veterinarian

    There will be four populations that will be included in this study:

    • Group 1: Healthy dogs with no cardiac disease
    • Group 2: Dogs with mitral valve disease not in congestive heart failure.
    • Group 3: Dogs with mitral valve disease in congestive heart failure.

    Contact Information:

    For questions regarding the clinical trial please email the clinical trials technician, Diane Welsh at: