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    Portal vein thrombosis during the early postoperative period is a significant cause of death in dogs undergoing splenectomy for splenic mass lesions. Thrombocytosis following splenectomy is common in humans, and the resultant hypercoagulability is a known risk factor for portal vein thrombosis. It is not known whether post-splenectomy thrombocytosis or hypercoagulability develop in dogs. We hypothesize that some dogs undergoing splenectomy for splenic masses develop increases in platelet count and become hypercoagulable during the first 2 weeks after splenectomy. We also hypothesize that postoperative platelet counts will be higher among dogs that present with hemoabdomen than among dogs that do not, because intra-abdominal hemorrhage from a splenic mass may result in a temporary consumptive thrombocytopenia and rebound thrombocytosis

    Inclusion criteria:

    Dogs undergoing splenectomy

    Client benefits:

    The study will cover the costs associated with all blood tests evaluated in the study. These tests may or may not be beneficial in the management of your dog’s condition. Your dog’s doctor may determine that additional blood tests are necessary for diagnosis and treatment; the cost of these diagnostics will not be covered by the study. Your pet’s participation will also allow us to gain information which will help in the management/treatment of other dogs undergoing splenectomies in the future.

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    For questions regarding the clinical trial please email the clinical trials technician, Diane Welsh at: