Loew maintenance has begun

The maintenance work finally really got started this week with power washing the exterior of the building. It’s relatively quiet today, but will probably be noisy next Friday 6/12. The work scheduled for the next couple of weeks includes: power washing the building in preparation to repairing the bricks and mortar, HVAC work, some demolition on the first floor of the library.

The Library is open, but we have rearranged furniture and computers in preparation for the work to come. Here is a quick summary of what is happening:

  • Tables and chairs are being stored in Room 106 and 107.
  • Printers and computers are being stored in Room 108. If you need a computer, we’ll check out a laptop for you to use.
  • The black & white printer in the Student Lounge in the basement is still operational.
  • The scanner has moved to the other side of the new book display and is operational.
  • The book and journal stacks will be covered with plastic next week. We hope to still use them, but we will try to minimize going in and out of the areas.
  • Power washing the exterior of the building will continue through Wednesday next week. Brick and mortar repair will follow, taking about 1.5 weeks.
  • On 6/12-6/15, drywall on the first floor of the Library will be removed – the bottom 3 feet of the north and HVAC will be turned off 6/12-6/17.


posted 6/5/2015