Ready for the new academic year

The construction workers are gone for now (they’ll be back later to work on the roof) and the various spaces in Loew are (almost) back to normal. Thank you Timberline Construction for getting the work done and cleaning up afterwards. We are ready for the new academic year.

The microscopes are back in the Teaching Lab. There is a new fridge in the Student Lounge. The air conditioning was turned back on in the Library on Monday, for the first time since mid-June. We have new chillers and boilers. The ramp to the basement level and railings are all new, and up to code. The exterior bricks have been cleaned and repointed. The building looks very nice.

The Library staff would like to thank Dom, Tom, Rob and David for helping us get the library furniture and equipment back in place. We took the opportunity to do a little rearranging! The printers have been moved to the first floor open area. There are now computers on the Rt. 30 side and parking lot side of the first floor. The wall between Rooms 106 and 107 was removed to make one larger seminar room. We still need to get the white boards and projection screens rehung, but the room is ready to be used.

The first official use of the new Room 106 was today… Giles Siddons, V18 gave a presentation to IDGH.

Loew 106_b Loew 106_a

posted 08/21/2015