Tomato Plant Give-Away

We gave away tomato plants in the Library this week and spawned a feeding frenzy. John Mapel of Mapel Nurseries and Steve Libuda gave us 56 tomato seedling 4-packs on Thursday. They were all claimed within 45 minutes of the email broadcast to the campus! So on Friday, John and Steve brought us another 50 or so seedling 4-packs. These were all claimed within one hour of the email broadcast to the campus and we could have given away even more. John got the seeds from Johnny’s Selected Seeds; they were organically grown. He planted way too many seeds, but thought to offer them to us before tossing them onto his compost pile.

The varieties included:
• Black Cherry
• German Johnson
• Green Zebra
• Nepal
• Orange Valencia
• Prudens Purple
• Speckled Roman
• Supersweet 100
• Yellow Brandywine
• Yellow Taxi

The table in the library when the email announcement was sent out.

tomato table_full

The table half an hour later.

tomato table_30

The table 45 minutes later.

tomato table_45

Thank you everyone who responded so enthusiastically and quickly. The tomato plants were all claimed. And, if anyone finds they have too many tomatoes this summer, feel free to donate some to the Travis Fund Farmer’s Market. The Market will start whenever the garden begins producing in abundance.

posted 6/24/2016