Art Gallery Exhibit

A book from the Veterinary Library’s John A. Seaverns Equine Collection is on display at the Directed Looking Gallery at the Tufts University Art Gallery, part of their Spring 2017 exhibits.

Ordini di cavalcare, et modi di conoscere le nature de’ caualli, di emendare i lor vitij, & d’ammaestrargli per l’uso della guerra, & giouamento de gli huomini (1571) by Federico Grisone.

Ordini di cavalcare is sharing the exhibit case with 5 books from Tisch Library Special Collections:

  • Imagines mortis: his accesserunt epigrammata (1573) by Hans Holbein (1497-1543) [German]
  • De humani corporis fabrica (1555) Andreas Vesalius (1514-1564) [Flemish]
  • Le scienze matematiche ridotte in tauole (1577) dal Reu. P. Maestro Egnatio Danti (1536-1586) [Italian]
  • Almagestum nouum (1651) by Giovanni Battista Riccioli (1598-1671) [Italian]
  • Flagello militare, diuiso in quattro parti (1676) by Giovanni Battista Martena (1610-?) [Italian]

Ordini di cavalcare has been scanned and is available online to the public through the Internet Archive. As of January 2017, the online book has been viewed 797 times. The Veterinary Library has a modern, English translation of this book, Federico Grisone’s The rules of riding: an edited translation of the first Renaissance treatise on classical horsemanship (2014) translated by Elizabeth M. Tobey and Federica Deigan

The Directed Looking Gallery is dedicated to innovative teaching and experiential learning. The space fosters the observation of art objects for the purposes of education and research. The gallery is located in the Aidekman Arts Center on the Medford Campus at 40 Talbot Ave, Medford, MA.


posted 1/27/2017