We now have four ways to a print at Tufts:

  • [NEW] Upload your print job by logging on to https://jumboprint.tufts.edu with your Tufts username and password.
  • [NEW] Email jumboprint_bw@tufts.edu or jumboprint_color@tufts.edu with your print job as an attachment. You will need to register your Tufts or non-Tufts email the first time you submit a print job via email.
  • [NEW] Install the free Android or iOS Pharos Print app on your mobile device. Please see instructions on http://it.tufts.edu on how to submit a print job from an iPhone or iPad.
  • Public computers and personal computers with print packages installed will still be able to print as before.

In the Android or iOS App Store:

  • download and install the Pharos Print app
  • Server: jumboprint.tufts.edu     Port: 443
  • Enter your Tufts Username and password to log in

What else can you do at jumboprint.tufts.edu?

  1. Check the status of your print job
  2. Change attributes – black & white vs. color, single vs. double-sided
  3. Reprint all or some of your print job (6-hour window)
  4. Get a history of all your print jobs

And in case you missed the announcement earlier this year, $10 was automatically added to all Tufts students’ JumboCash accounts in January 2017. The money can only be used for printing; it cannot be used for food purchases. The subsidy was requested by Tufts undergraduate students and is a service provided by the Tufts Libraries.


posted 04/07/2017